Compote de pommes à la verveine – Apple and verbena compote

C’est l’automne et notre tout petit pommier breton a donné plus de pommes qu’un verger entier !
Quelle joie de cuisiner des fruits cueillis dans son jardin.
Alors, voici la parfaite manière d’utiliser autant de pommes que possible.

It is autumn and our tiny Brittany apple tree has given more apples than ever !
What a pleasure to cook fruit picked from the garden.
Growing fruit and veg is rewarding for the mind and the plate.
So,  this was the perfect, easy recipe to use up all the apples from the garden.

Apple and verbena compote - Compote de pommes à la verveine

  • Pommes
  • Citron
  • Sucre de canne
  • Tisane à la verveine

Je vous conseille d’adapter selon la quantité désirée. Penser à infuser plusieurs sachet de verveine si vous faite beaucoup de compote.

Préparer et couper les pommes, presser le jus d’un citron pour éviter qu’elles ne noircissent. Placer dans une casserole, ajouter le sucre. Infuser la verveine dans une tasse, ajouter aux pommes et mettre la casserole sur feu doux. Mélanger régulièrement jusqu’à ce que la compote devienne relativement fluide. Ajouter le sucre selon vos préférences.

  • Apples
  • Lemon
  • Brown sugar
  • Verbana herbal tea

I suggest that you adapt the quantities according to how much compote you wish to make. Don’t forget to add a bag of verbena herbal tea if you make a lot.

Prepare and cut the apples, squeeze some lemon to prevent them going brown. Place in a pan, add the sugar. Infuse a cup of verbena herbal tea, add to the apples and place on low heat. Stir regularly until the compote becomes smooth. Add sugar according to your preferences.

Bon appétit !



  1. This is such a simple recipe and sounds so good. I wouldn’t have thought of using an herbal tea to flavor the fruit. I love that I get to use my high school French (from over 60 years ago) to read through your post, but also can jump to the translation if necessary.


    1. Thank you very much Lillian. I am very happy you enjoyed my post as much as I like reading through your blog.
      Lillian was my grandmother’s name, Lilly as we call her, and I look forward to sharing more recipes with you 🙂


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