Sorbet framboises, basilic – Raspberry and basil ice cream

Sorbet framboises basilic

Le weekend est arrivé ! Au programme… Farniente et détente. Oui, mais, avec le soleil c’est mieux quand même. Alors, je vous ai concocté une recette très simple qui devrait bien faire venir le soleil. Un sorbet à la framboise et au basilic sans sorbetière. Un mélange subtil et gourmand ou un cocktail détonnant de plaisir !


The weekend has come ! It’s time to relax and rest. But, it would be so much better with a ray of sun. So, I have prepared a very simple recipe that should make the sun appear. A raspberry and basil sorbet (no ice cream maker needed). A fresh, subtle and delicious mixture !

Sorbet framboises et basilic


– 1 kg de framboises surgelées
– 50 g de sucre blanc
– 50 ml d’eau
– 50 ml de jus de citron vert
– 20 cl de crème d’amande
– 2 blancs d’oeufs
– 1 bouquet de basilic

Décongeler les framboises. Dans une casserole, faire chauffer l’eau, le jus de citron vert et le sucre. Ciseler les feuilles de basilic et les faire infuser dans le sirop.
Verser le sirop sur les framboises et les mixer à l’aide d’un robot plongeur. Ajouter la crème d’amande et les blancs d’oeufs. Mixer pendant 5 minutes puis, fouetter pendant 5 minutes à l’aide d’un fouet électrique.



– 1 kg of frozen raspberries
– 50 g of caster sugar
– 50 ml of water
– 50 ml of lime juice
– 20 cl of almond cream
– 2  egg whites
– 1 bunch of basil leaves

Leave the raspberries to thaw. In a saucepan, heat the water, lime juice and sugar. Chop the basil and leave to infuse in the syrup.
Pour the syrup on the raspberries and mix with a hand blender. Add the almond cream and egg whites. Mix for about 5 minutes with the blender and, whisk for 5 minutes with an electric whisker.




Perle de Muscat

My Little Moorish Cooking advice:
Enjoy a glass of sparkling Muscat (Vignerons de Caractère) when eating this ice cream !

Astuce de Ma Révolution Culinaire: Profiter d’un petit verre de Perle de Muscat (Vignerons de Caractère) pour accompagner ce sorbet frais. Un délice !


Bon appétit x



  1. 20cl of almond cream – what does the measurement cl stand for and can you add almond meal to the cream to make almond cream? Because I don’t see it in the supermarket. I’m going to be really brave and add the basil leaves to the recipe, but do I sift them out or leave them once I pour the syrup onto the raspberries.Last but not least – I assume it all goes into the freezer for a while. So sorry, but I am a bit of a novice ice cream maker. Although I recently bought myself a machine, I am thrilled to find a recipe that doesn’t need an ice cream maker.


    1. Hello and thanks a lot for your comment. I will make sure I improve the description of the recipe accordingly as it may lack some details…
      If you have a machine, you can also use it !
      So, I used 20 centilitres (about 7 ounces) of almond cream which I found in an organic shop. However, you could use some almond milk although it might be a little more liquid then.
      When it comes to the basil, don’t hesitate, it is quite of a soft taste. You can either sift it all (which will also get rid of the raspberry pips) or you can blend it all together which is nice too (although you will feel the raspberry pips).
      If you use frozen raspberries, I suggest not defrosting them completely and this way you can almost serve straight away or place in the freezer for about one hour (mixing again after that for a smooth texture). So, if you have an ice cream machine, place it in there !
      I hope this helps, don’t hesitate to ask more questions as you go along, I will be glad to help and to improve this recipe thanks to your experience 🙂


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